XiliX cyber-physical solutions involves transdisciplinary integration  of cybernetics, mechatronics, and business process automation to monitor and control a network of interacting sensor networks with robotics and intelligence mechanisms with physical input and output instead of as standalone devices which depend on human interventions for manual inputs to enable operational efficiency. 

XiliX aims to capitalize on ongoing advances in science and engineering that continue to improve the link between computational and physical elements by means of intelligent mechanisms, dramatically increasing the adaptability, autonomy, efficiency, functionality, reliability, safety, and usability of cyber-physical systems. Hence, XiliX works to offer exceptional value to its clients by applying these advances and convert them into practical seamles business solutions that allow our clients to translate intelligent management technology into a sustainable competitive advantage for their growing business.   

In an effort to reduce the capital expenditure requirements of our clients, where ever possible, XiliX often looks into the existing hardware infrastructure of clients to implement their solutions. One readily available tool accessible to majority of XiliX clients is the mobile smart phone which  is continualy growing with smart features such as :

* Significant computational resources, such as processing capability, local storage
* Multiple sensory input/output devices, such as touch screens, cameras, GPS chips, speakers, microphone, light                sensors, proximity sensors, RFID and more,...
* Multiple communication mechanisms, such as WiFi, SMS, 4G, Bluetooth for interconnecting devices to either the                Internet, XiliX cloud, or to other devices
* Readily-available application distribution mechanisms, such as the Android Market and Apple App Store
* End-user maintenance and upkeep, including frequent re-charging of the battery