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When we think of computer resources in the cloud, we usually think of public clouds, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, with infrastructure or applications shared by millions of clients worldwide, through the Internet. Cloud computing has proven to be a good alternative for companies, because it reduces costs and generates flexibility and accessibility of data. But security and availability issues still need to be resolved. That is why more and more companies are choosing PRIVATE COULDS.

XiliX offers effortless digital capture of corporate document on the fly by allowing user to use mobile devices, scanners, and all media capture devices to store directly into the cloud drive through DESKTOP, IOS, and ANDROID applications where a physical copy of each user files is also maintained on the local computer for redundancy purposes. Furthermore, data access can be defined with specific file access for specific users, company wide, or customer / suppliers depending on user access rights. The system can also act as media servers and other collaborative applications with built-in antivirus and security applications. 

Below are some of the main features of XiliX Private Cloud: 

* Offering resources (infrastructure and applications) as services
* Flexibility and scale that meet client demands
* Resource sharing among a large number of users
* Use of Internet protocols and technologies to access cloud resources